Established in March 2014, Overthose’s identified its mission as bringing together the distinguished works and artists of Turkish art with art lovers. Towards this end, it opened its doors with the works of famous contemporary artists Adnan Çoker, Adem Genç, Mustafa Ata and Bubi.

Founded by Banu Birkan, who has extensive experience in the communications industry, Overthose, was designed as a platform where artists and art lovers get together, while also hosting events and seminars celebrating art history. Also providing personal investment consultancy to established as well as aspiring art collectors, Overthose soon became the meeting place of artists and art fans.

Operating at Maçka Avenue, Erhan Apartment number 16, Overthose was meant to be more than a mere art gallery, serving instead as a meeting point for art. Aiming primarily to be “the address for remarkable and enduring art”, Overthose is also home to seminars moderated by the famous art critics.